The Breaking of Liam Glass

The Breaking of Liam Glass - out nowSatirical Thriller The Breaking of Liam Glass has received five star reviews, hit the Amazon best-seller lists for satire and lawyers and criminals humour, and been nominated for a Wishing Shelf book award for fiction.

“A brilliant satire on modern Britain” Between the Covers
“An intensely addictive page turner”Liz Loves Books

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The two myths about keeping or breaking the rules

Seven - keeping or breaking the rules

There’s two myths that go around about keeping or breaking the rules.

I’m talking about writing – though in fact the same myths apply to just about anything in the arts, and in fact anything in life.

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The Library Corner for books you may have missed.

Complete Screenwriting & Jaws join Liam Glass as Amazon best-sellers

TeTeach Yourself: Complete Screenwriting Courseach Yourself Complete Screenwriting Course hit the Top 2 spot this year for TV Screenwriting books on Amazon and Top 5 for cinema and has sold overJaws in Space - Powerful Pitching for Film & TV Screenwriters 3,000 copies in large format worldwide.

Jaws in Space: Powerful Pitching for Film and TV came in just below at #6.

Both books have five star reviews and are recommended reading on MA courses. Check them out here…

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