“Charles Harris is a natural storyteller.”
Ian St James Awards

Jaws in Space: Powerful Pitching for Film & TV

Jaws in Space: Powerful Pitching for Film & TV Scriptwriters

Two writers once met a producer and said “Jaws in space” – those three words became the blockbuster Alien. The ability to pitch well is essential for all writers, directors and producers in cinema and TV, drama and documentary. This new book takes you from the essentials of what makes a good pitch to advanced skills that will help you in all kinds of pitching situations.


Teach Yourself: Complete Screenwriting Course

Complete Screenwriting Course cover

Getting your script right starts with the first idea and continues to selling your polished draft screenplay. This book will take you through the whole process from beginning to end, and on – to getting an agent, working with others and developing a screenwriting career.


Debut Novel – The Breaking of Liam Glass

Charles Harris’s debut novel The Breaking of Liam Glass is due to be published 2017.

More details soon.

Short stories

Charles Harris has had many short stories published in magazines and anthologies.

His short stories ‘Cash Card’ and ‘Left’ were shortlisted for the Ian St James Awards and published in Acclaim magazine.


 Paper Clips, short stories from writers from London  Shorts from Greater London
‘Tangerine Dream’ by Charles Harris in Paper Clips


 ‘The Snow Fell’ by Charles Harris in Shorts from Greater London


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