Cover: The Breaking of Liam Glass - crime-satire novel

With London knife crime now on the rise, The Breaking of Liam Glass is not so much a whodunnit as a blackly comic what-they-did-after-it satire, that resonates in a timely way.

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Teenage footballer Liam Glass is stabbed on an estate next to London’s Regents Park and, with an eye to the main chance, journalist Jason Crowthorne sets out to make the most of the story and build a crusade against teenage knife-crime.

In the following 24 hours, Jason creates his campaign, hiding a scoop from rival journalists and avoiding arrest.

But other powerful figures are determined to exploit the boy’s story as much as they can, and they have fewer scruples!

Liam Glass is a darkly satirical look at the deep splits in modern communities, asking deep moral questions in a sympathetic and humorous way.

The Breaking of Liam Glass – an extraordinarily prescient novel

International award-winning film writer-director and best-selling non-fiction author Charles Harris could not have known when he started drafting this powerful novel, in 2010, that headlines like ‘Three dead in weekend of knife carnage on the streets of London’ Evening Standard would become the norm.

A darkly gripping and constantly entertaining satire of today’s media.

Harris hooks the reader from start to finish with this dazzlingly sharp and moving tapestry of modern life set at a time when phone-hacking was just a small cloud on the horizon.

If you liked Capital, Catch 22 and Bonfire of the Vanities you’ll love The Breaking of Liam Glass.

Published by Marble City Publishing – June 2017

Paperback £11.99 ($13.99). Kindle £3.99 ($5.15)

Order now from Amazon UK – paperback kindle
Order now from Amazon.compaperbackkindle