The Cupboard - free short stories by Charles Harris, best-selling author and award-winning writer-director

Seven unusual free short stories

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The seven brand new free short stories in this short collection are brimming with off-beat invention, wry humour, compassion and the possibilities of life.

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A party guest who walks into a cupboard and is never seen again…
A family man who lives a lie…
A woman whose love of cats takes a dark turn…
An angel who crashes his chariot on a test drive…

Award-winning film-maker Charles Harris brings his razor-sharp eye and the effortless control of a master storyteller to pack a novel’s worth of plot into a page. Each story reveals a world that is both recognisable and yet subtly shifted as he tells of the moments when lives are changed forever.

“A natural story-teller” – Ian St James Awards

Available for Kindle, Epub and pdf.

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