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Witty, gripping, truly beautifully written… Share
Noir, gritty and fast-paced… Share
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A sparkling story… Share
You will find it hard not to be seduced by this unlikely hero…  Share

The Breaking of Liam Glass is not so much a Whodunnit as a social thriller What-they-did-after-it

When the secret love-child of a famous footballer is attacked, ambitious and devious journalist Jason Crowthorne sees him as his ticket to saving his job and getting to tabloid heaven – only to find himself drawn into a web of increasingly fake news.

As everything spins out of his control and other powerful figures move in, risking the boy’s life, is it too late for Jason to put things right?

Liam Glass is a fast-paced story that asks sharp questions about the way we live, with a cast of fascinating and all-too-recognisable characters who you’ll remember long after you close the book.

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Witty, gripping, truly beautifully written. Asta Musvicaite

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A sparkling story about things you suspect are true and hope are not







"Noir, gritty and fast-paced." Natalie Saiph Massone



Paperback £11.99 ($13.99). Kindle £3.99 ($5.15)

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